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In the Queue

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A Man of Good Fortune

Coming in October from

debut author Ali Scott

 After a fall from his horse, Darcy is grievously injured and has no memory

of Elizabeth Bennet, the woman he married five years earlier. How does Elizabeth tell him all he has forgotten? And what should she conceal?


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An Inducement Into Matrimony

Coming in November, an anthology of short stories from nine Q&Q authors: 

Mary Smythe, Michelle Ray,

Nan Harrison, Amy D'Orazio, 

Gailie Ruth Caress, Kay Bea,

Paige Badgett, Jan Ashton,

and Susan Adriani

Cover reveal October 4

at Austenesque Reviews

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Pride Before A Fall

Coming in October from Mary Smythe

If Darcy could make Elizabeth love him,

he truly would have everything

a man could desire. Problem is, he proposed with an addled mind and

now that he wants to follow

through with an engagement,

Elizabeth refuses to hold him to it.

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Handsome Men Are Habit-Forming

Coming in November from Linda Gonschior

Darcy has his hands full: Georgiana is keeping secrets; his aunt is increasingly officious; and Bingley is besotted yet again. A trip to Netherfield complicates matters when Darcy meets the intriguing Elizabeth Bennet.

Cover reveal October 17

at Austenesque Reviews