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The Wallflower

Mr Darcy regrets his intemperate words about Elizabeth Bennet's desirability as a dance partner and wishes everyone—particularly the

beguiling young lady herself—would allow them to be forgot. Alas, he will have to do more than just wish.

The Wallflower.jpeg
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Stories of Mystery

and Romance

A romantic collection of Jenetta James’s  three previously published favorites from her 19th century and Austen-inspired mysteries: Lovers' Knot, The Elizabeth Papers, and The Memory House--A Love Story in Two Acts.


A Matter of


Darcy is drawn to Elizabeth at their very first meeting, but is stunned to discover he has a genuine rival for her affections: her cousin and lifetime friend, Mr Collins. What forces are at work that could thwart Darcy's desire to marry her?

A Matter of Prudence-EBOOk.jpg
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In Sickness

and In Health

Pride and prejudice are set aside when a deadly epidemic arrives in Meryton. Elizabeth and Darcy can no longer afford mistaken assumptions or injured vanity. Their bond grows, but can connexions forged amidst loss and adversity turn into a happily ever after?

REYNOLDS In Sickness Ebook cover.jpg

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