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Where The Waters Agree

An unexpected meeting at the seaside brings Darcy hope and  another chance to win Elizabeth's love and respect. But is friendship all that she can ever offer to him?

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The Cad, The Couch and the Cut Direct

A year apart, grieving the loss of one another, comes

to a head when Darcy and Elizabeth meet at an art exhibition, 

London’s biggest event of the Season. But misunderstandings–and a couch–create new obstacles.

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Mr Darcy's Abducted Bride

When Darcy discovers Mrs Bennet has drugged Elizabeth in order to quickly marry her off to Mr Collins, he swoops to the rescue, intending to keep her away from the dastardly duo until she has regained her wits.

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A Pinch of Salt

​Things heat up in the kitchen and

between Will Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet when they each compete to be the 'Last Chef Standing'. But will the walls each has built around their hearts crumble faster than an overbaked cookie?

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