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Happily Ever After With Mr Darcy

Six previously published novellas, spanning regency, fantasy, and World War II England, are brought together in one volume of Darcy and Elizabeth love stories.

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An Unexpected Love

An early morning walk and a meeting with  with Mr Darcy have disastrous consequences for Elizabeth Bennet. Caught in what seemed like a compromising position, Elizabeth finds herself forced to marry a man she barely knows and certainly does not like.

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A Stronger Impulse

A stricken Darcy cannot  indulge himself in a marriage that would prove his relations’ opinions of his sanity. Elizabeth must protect herself against a growing but impossible love. Yet a stronger impulse urges them to stay. To fight. Together.

A Stronger Impulse

The Luxury of Silence

Elizabeth Bennet has never met a man so used to getting his own way as Mr Darcy. Their first meeting is unexpected, their second infuriating, but before the evening ends, they make peace with one another, and an unlikely friendship is forged

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