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The Marriage Bargain, by Lucy Marin


“You can sell Pemberley and settle as many debts as possible. Or you could marry a wealthy woman and use her fortune to restore it.”

Fitzwilliam Darcy, heir to a mountain of debt, a tarnished family name, and a crumbling estate, finds himself confronted by an unthinkable choice.


Knowing it is a last chance to save his birthright, he agrees to an arranged marriage with Miss Elizabeth Bennet, ward of her wealthy but vulgar uncle, Mr. Gardiner. Despite entering into the marriage understanding what he is giving up, he soon finds himself resenting the actions of his forebears and the choices he feels he was forced to make.

Elizabeth Bennet knows that marrying a gentleman of high birth would allow her to reclaim the social status she lost when her father died. Having been approached by men falsely proclaiming their affection for her, she embraces the opportunity to set the terms of her marriage openly and honestly. After meeting Mr. Darcy and his sister, Elizabeth is determined to give them the home and care they deserve. Believing she and Mr. Darcy have a common understanding of what their union will be like, she has high hopes for a happy future. 

A friendship between them soon promises to bloom into something more romantic, but Darcy has unresolved issues in his past that will not remain hidden. Dismayed, Darcy at last confronts his errors…but is it too late for he and Elizabeth to find happiness together?

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A Stronger Impulse, by Julie Cooper

And in his behavior with me, there were stronger impulses even than pride.

Fitzwilliam Darcy is enraged when, already reeling from Elizabeth Bennet’s disdain, he discovers his sister locked in a passionate embrace with George Wickham—and suffers an apoplexy at the sight. With proper speech locked uselessly inside his mind, his Fitzwilliam relations are quick to take advantage of the situation, calling his illness insanity, and scheming to keep both Darcys under their control.

Elizabeth Bennet is expelled from Longbourn after she refuses Mr Collins’ serious proposal and Mr Darcy’s mocking one. Always the least favorite child, she is expected to deliver herself up to an unknown uncle in London, from there to be placed into service. A fortunate escape takes her to Ramsgate instead…but it is only a brief reprieve before she must find a new life for herself.

Two against the world. How can two powerless individuals forge a defense against the formidable forces arrayed against them? Darcy cannot afford to indulge himself in a marriage that would prove his relations’ opinions of his sanity. Elizabeth must protect herself against a growing but impossible love…and yet, a stronger impulse urges them to stay. To fight. Together.

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The Luxury of Silence, by Susan Adriani

No woman of my acquaintance has ever inspired a fraction of the admiration that I feel for you.... You are the only woman to ever touch my heart. 

Fitzwilliam Darcy has had enough—enough of the ton and their speculations, enough of matchmaking mamas and their eager daughters, and enough of his family’s expectations that he will eventually marry his cousin Anne.

Craving solitude and peace after discovering his sister with George Wickham in Ramsgate, he accepts an invitation to visit Netherfield Park from his friend Charles Bingley and travels to Hertfordshire, where he hopes Georgiana will recover from her disappointment in relative privacy. Thinking only that his sister might have the good fortune to make a friend there, the last thing Mr. Darcy expects is to make one himself.

Elizabeth Bennet has never met a man so used to getting his own way as Mr. Darcy, master of Pemberley. Their first meeting is unexpected, their second infuriating, but before the evening ends, they make peace with one another, and an unlikely friendship is forged.

But friendship with a man like Mr. Darcy, who soon shows Elizabeth there is more to him than his wealth, reserve, and haughty manners, comes with a steep price—her heart. Will their friendship turn into romance, despite Darcy’s professed disinterest in matrimony, or is friendship all they are ever destined to share?

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