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Enduring Connexions, by J Marie Croft


I love you with so much of my heart that none is left to protest—

William Shakespeare 

WHEN FITZWILLIAM DARCY IS BETRAYED by love at the age of twenty-three, he vows that never again will he allow a woman to own his heart. Never again will he be made a fool. Never again will he trust. His heart and pride will be spared from another crippling blow, no matter what.

FOUR YEARS LATER, his resolve is put to the test. Elizabeth Bennet is vivacious and beautiful, but she has family connexions which make her unsuitable for him. Her immediate family is vulgar, and her relations are involved in trade. Worst of all, she has an elder sister, Jane, who is nearly a twin of the woman who broke his heart and shattered his trust. Yet, despite his reservations, Darcy’s growing affection for Elizabeth is impossible to deny or resist.

ALAS, JUST AS DARCY BEGINS TO ALLOW the walls around his heart to crumble, a dark secret from someone else’s past comes to light and threatens the stability of the Bennet family’s very foundations. A connexion Darcy could never have imagined will have a potentially devastating impact on the Bennets and on his and Elizabeth’s burgeoning love. If Darcy wants Elizabeth in his life, he and the Bennets must learn to forgive and accept that which cannot be changed.

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More Than A Pretty Face, by Frances Reynolds


Love is not the simple thing that novels and poetry speak of. It is by turns subtle and overwhelming, it may slip silently into your heart or strike like a bolt of lightning.

Disappointed by Mr Bingley’s sudden departure, Jane escapes the tumult of Longbourn for the Gardiners’ house in London. Elizabeth, vexed by her own romantic debacle with Mr Darcy, and in possession of distressing intelligence which could endanger their family and neighbours in Meryton, soon joins her there from Kent.

When a family crisis causes them to extend their stay in Cheapside, a new acquaintance—handsome and titled—brings the Bennet sisters to the attention of London society and returns them to the company of Mr Darcy and Mr Bingley. One man finds himself with a rival for his lady’s affections, while the other struggles to make amends for the mistakes of the past.

As Elizabeth questions her rejection of the master of Pemberley and Jane begins to open her heart, can the qualities that most matter—intelligence, integrity, humour and kindness—be recognised by the men who truly love and respect them?

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The Warmth of Her Affection, by Elsie Fulbrook

I did not come to Hertfordshire in search of a wife, but if you could entrust me with your heart...I have found one.

The arrival in Meryton of a young widow and her children leads to new friendships for Elizabeth and Jane Bennet in the spring of 1815, but they receive few answers to their questions about her previous life. The mystery only deepens when Mr Bingley and Mr Darcy take up residence at Netherfield Park, and Elizabeth suspects one or both of the men have a connection to the lady at Purvis Lodge—a connection that hints at disgrace and dishonour.

Elizabeth’s liveliness and compassion draw out the quiet Mrs Wilson and the solemn Mr Darcy, but as her affection for them builds—and grows into true regard for Mr Darcy— a shocking encounter confirms all of her suspicions and fears. Can Elizabeth overcome her broken trust in her friends, or will shame and scandal destroy the nascent love between her and Mr Darcy?

A threat to the vulnerable widow’s safety tests the bonds of love and friendship for all concerned, and proves the courage and consequence of one lady’s warmth and affection.

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