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A Faithful Narrative by Mary Smythe


Darcy's own name leapt at him from the page and his treacherous eyes could not withstand the temptation drawing them downward. What had Elizabeth written about him?

FITZWILLIAM DARCY IS ON THE VERGE of proposing to Miss Elizabeth Bennet when he happens upon her diary in a field of bluebells. Though he knows he should not, he gives in to the temptation to read it and discovers a perspective of himself he had never before considered. Not only does Elizabeth not reciprocate his love, she considers him arrogant, insulting and disdainful. Her reasons, to his shame, are not entirely unfounded. Properly humbled, Darcy must decide what to do—walk away from his beloved forever or make the effort to please a woman worthy of being pleased.

ELIZABETH BENNET IS A FIRM BELIEVER in the value of first impressions. Mr Darcy made a poor one and his subsequent behaviour did little to improve upon it. Worse yet, he has had the audacity to read her personal diary without permission.

NEVERTHELESS, MR DARCY’S VIOLATION of her privacy forces Elizabeth to reconsider many of her former prejudices against him. As a result, she comes to know herself, and him, better. Can Elizabeth forgive Mr Darcy all his trespasses and give him an opportunity to redeem himself?

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Any Fair Interference, by Nan Harrison


To be a fool is one thing, to be a fool for love is something else altogether.


SHORTLY AFTER THE precipitous departure of Mr Bingley and his party from Netherfield Park, disaster strikes Miss Elizabeth Bennet’s family. Not only is Mr Bennet ill, Longbourn and indeed all of Meryton is struggling through one of England’s worst winters. Elizabeth draws on every strength to care for her family, but faces the alarming prospect of losing both her father and her home. Her lonely struggles lead her to revise her opinion of a certain gentleman, and she finds unexpected solace in dreams of Mr Darcy.

FITZWILLIAM DARCY BELIEVES he can escape his attraction to Elizabeth by leaving Netherfield. He soon finds himself snowbound at Pemberley, where forced isolation compels him to contemplate his duty, and contrast it with dreams of his heart’s desire. No matter how he considers it, though, he feels he cannot have Elizabeth, the one he truly loves.

FORTUNATELY DARCY'S FRIENDS and his family–Georgiana, Colonel Fitzwilliam, and the Hursts–feel far differently than he, and soon even the most unlikely allies have come together to help him see that happiness is the highest consideration of all. But will he and Elizabeth find the courage to follow their hearts before it is too late?

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A Match Made At Matlock, by Jan Ashton, Julie Cooper, Amy D'Orazio and Jessie Lewis

VISCOUNT SAYE, eldest cousin of Fitzwilliam Darcy of Pemberley, is startled one wintry day by the news that his beloved, Lillian Goddard, is to become engaged to another. Unwilling to lose her, he quickly plans a party at his ancestral estate to woo her away from her suitor. Twenty ladies and gentlemen respond to his invitation, eager for a fortnight of revelry in Saye’s inimitable style.

FITZWILLIAM DARCY, at last engaged to his beloved Elizabeth Bennet, finds himself stymied by her father. Mr Bennet has consented to the engagement but forces them to endure a prolonged courtship, with too much time spent apart. Getting Elizabeth to the house party is only the first in a series of frustrations and challenges that confront them. Will their love and attachment prevail?

GEORGETTE HAWKRIDGE has all the finest qualities of a lady of fashion. Alas, she has fallen in love with a decidedly unfashionable man, an affection they have kept well-concealed. Two weeks is a long time to hide, however, and the truth of what they mean to one another—and the man her suitor really is—must eventually emerge.

COLONEL RICHARD FITZWILLIAM attends his brother’s party with no thought for anything but time among friends; after all, he is too poor to marry, an idea that rankles, particularly when he must watch love bloom around him. Then he meets Sarah Bentley, a pretty, wealthy girl with a predilection for admiring the unlovable, but will he know his heart before it’s too late?

AMID MASQUES AND MARVELS, love will abound; attachments will be formed, tried, and tested, and one couple’s engagement will come to an end. For all who heed the summons, it will be an unforgettable fortnight at Matlock!

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