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FULBROOK Warmth Audiobook cover.png
The Warmth of Her Affection, by Elsie Fulbrook

I did not come to Hertfordshire in search of a wife, but if you could entrust me with your heart...I have found one.

The arrival in Meryton of a young widow and her children leads to new friendships for Elizabeth and Jane Bennet in the spring of 1815, but they receive few answers to their questions about her previous life. The mystery only deepens when Mr Bingley and Mr Darcy take up residence at Netherfield Park, and Elizabeth suspects one or both of the men have a connection to the lady at Purvis Lodge—a connection that hints at disgrace and dishonour.

Elizabeth’s liveliness and compassion draw out the quiet Mrs Wilson and the solemn Mr Darcy, but as her affection for them builds—and grows into true regard for Mr Darcy— a shocking encounter confirms all of her suspicions and fears. Can Elizabeth overcome her broken trust in her friends, or will shame and scandal destroy the nascent love between her and Mr Darcy?

A threat to the vulnerable widow’s safety tests the bonds of love and friendship for all concerned, and proves the courage and consequence of one lady’s warmth and affection.

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A Man of Good Fortune, by Ali Scott

A ride on a stormy day has disastrous consequences for Fitzwilliam Darcy, who finds himself grievously injured and bedridden–and with no memory of Elizabeth Bennet, the woman to whom he has been married for several years. Recovery is slow as his head injury has made it difficult for him to read and write, and a suspected fracture in his leg has made walking painful.

As Darcy’s recovery progresses, snippets of memory begin to plague him, and questions arise. He begins to suspect that his wife and those around him know more about the time leading up to his accident than they are telling him. Why was he riding on such an inauspicious day? And why does he keep dreaming of his mother’s brooch?

As the days pass, he finds he is increasingly beguiled by Elizabeth. She draws him in despite his concerns for her loyalty to him. He wonders if he can trust her love even as he finds himself learning to be in love with her again. Will the shadows in the past and the obstacles they have overcome defeat them? Or will he find happily ever after once again with his Elizabeth?


A Man of Good Fortune is a sequel to Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice and takes place several years after the marriage of Fitzwilliam Darcy to Elizabeth Bennet.

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MARIN TTAF audiobook cover.png
The Truth About Family, by Lucy Marin


Banished from Longbourn at a young age, Elizabeth Bennet is raised among the Fitzwilliams at the Romsley estate, growing up alongside Fitzwilliam Darcy and his cousins. Entering adulthood, Elizabeth soon finds herself in possession of a secret love for him that even she knows is futile, and she must settle for his friendship.

Seeing that Elizabeth Bennet has become a pretty young woman, Darcy’s mother, Lady Anne, and her sister are desperate to separate her from Darcy. Elizabeth returns to Longbourn for the first time in 15 years, where her hopes of finding a loving family are quickly dashed. She is relieved and embarrassed when Darcy and his cousins join her in Hertfordshire, though she is determined to set aside her tender feelings for him.

Darcy is frantic with worry about Elizabeth while they are apart. No one is more shocked than he is when he realizes the true depth of his feelings for her. He sets off to convince her to love him and accept life as his wife. Will his mother’s hostility prove too great an obstacle?

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