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“I was not looking for love, but there you were. I cannot stop it, I cannot indulge it, so I must put distance between us and hope that time will heal this fever I have.”

ABANDONED BY HER MOTHER and ignored by her father, it is hardly any wonder young Elizabeth Bennet’s curiosity soon brings about trouble and marriage to a man she does not love. Colonel Fitzwilliam’s family—save for his cousin Mr Darcy—despises her, and life is not what she dreamed of. As she matures and grows from an impetuous girl into a woman, Elizabeth’s most reliable source of friendship and comfort becomes Mr Darcy. When tragedy strikes leaving her a widow, she is free to find discover? who has been in her heart all along.


FITZWILLIAM DARCY has always been intrigued by the girl his beloved cousin married, and finds himself drawn into helping her after her husband’s death. Over time, admiration turns to love. Admitting his feelings to her – or even himself – could lead to ruin, but denying his passion could shatter him

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The Memory House, A Love Story in Two Acts, historical by romance Jenetta James
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Enlightenment dawned, sharp and painful in its glaring exactitude. He knew. From the moment she had uttered her true name, he had known that she was not free. So why was he here? Why did he still look at her in that way? Why could she see the adoration in his eyes and the torment in his features? Had he come to say goodbye? To leave her to this fate?

CONFUSED AND CHASTENED following her cruel rejection of Mr Darcy’s proposal, Elizabeth Bennet returns to her aunt’s home in Gracechurch Street. Unable to find solace while pondering her terrible misjudgment of his character, she is overwhelmed with guilt for how she treated the puzzling gentleman from Derbyshire. Fitzwilliam Darcy has retreated to his London home after being spurned by the lady he loves, and after serious reflection has come to the realisation that he never deserved Elizabeth’s good opinion. 

A CHANCE ENCOUNTER WITH MR DARCY brings Elizabeth the opportunity to seek forgiveness, and possibly, a new start to their budding romance. But the introduction of a stranger into Elizabeth’s life threatens to reveal old family secrets that have the potential to truly unravel her world and all that she holds dear.

MARY BENNET HAD NEVER WISHED for anything more than to be known as the meek and pious Bennet sister, the one who sweetly brought peace to her family.

BEING THE LAST UNMARRIED BENNET SISTER, the pressure to partake of a London Season with the nouveau riche Wickhams was considerable, no matter how little she desired it; her younger sister Lydia would not hear a refusal. Mary hoped she could pass her days as quietly as a mouse and maybe encourage her still-wild sister to become a more demure wife and stop quarrelling so much with her husband.

BUT WHEN LYDIA'S FLIRTATION with a scientist begins stirring gossip, Mary discovers it is not enough to stay meek and quiet. She must protect Lydia’s reputation by drawing the man’s attentions her way, and convincing the world it is Mary, not Lydia, who attracts Mr Cole. If she fails, Lydia’s disgrace will taint every family member connected with her—Bennet, Bingley, and Darcy alike—and Mary will have no hope for her own future. But alluring a gentleman is hardly the sort of practice Mary has a knack for. Though it goes against every fibre of her being, Mary must turn aside from the peace she craves and uncover the belle within—all while finding her heart awakening in the illusion of romance she has created.

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“This was not a man who would explode in a rage, or who would give way to shame or temper...which meant my choices were simple: either he had killed her in cold blood, or he had not killed her at all.”

ORPHANED AND ALONE IN THE WORLD, Elizabeth Bennet has found reasonable contentment as a companion to the Dowager Countess of Matlock, the affairs of 1811 and Fitzwilliam Darcy long forgotten. But the past intrudes upon her again, and Mr Darcy returns to her, handsome, wealthy, and widowed, and hiding many secrets beneath his solemn exterior.  

BUT IF TIME HAD ALTERED THEIR CIRCUMSTANCES, one thing remains: Mr Darcy still wishes to marry her, and this time, Elizabeth consents. At nearly twenty-nine it is inarguably a good prospect for her and indeed, not until they arrive at his vast estate does she realise how large a shadow his late wife will cast over their growing love. But the new Mrs Darcy’s courage will continue to rise despite the many attempts to intimidate her; and she vows to use whatever power she holds over the master of Pemberley to keep him.

NAMELESS is a tale of the triumph of good over evil, of passion over prejudice, of loyalty over lies…and most of all, of enduring, unfailing love.


Publishing stories we love by writers we admire.

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For the Deepest Love
For the Deepest Love

With turmoil and trials swirling around them, Darcy and Elizabeth risk opening their hearts to unexpected passion, and at least one mystery.

Some Natural Importance
Some Natural Importance

Fitzwilliam Darcy already has one arranged marriage in his past. The last thing he envisions for himself is another, yet he has somehow become entrapped in a promise to a dying man.

The Best Part Of Love
The Best Part Of Love

Avoiding the truth does not change the truth.

For the Deepest Love
For the Deepest Love

With turmoil and trials swirling around them, Darcy and Elizabeth risk opening their hearts to unexpected passion, and at least one mystery.

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Quills & Quartos Publishing has one goal: to pair the best Austenesque and historical romance fiction with the best in editing and cover design to create a superlative reading experience. We are not a vanity press, imprint, or services-for-hire company, but a traditional royalty-paying publishing house, staffed with editors and designers, looking for stories people will want to read.

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Email your manuscript, along with a synopsis of the story, a word count, and a short author bio to submissions@quillsandquartos.com. Please submit it in Word doc/docx form, double-spaced in 12-pt. Times Roman.  Stories of 30,000-40,000 words (novella) and 90,000-140,000 words (novel) fit within our ideal parameters. Please do not include formatting such as headers or page numbers, but do include page breaks between new chapters.


Q&Q does not publish erotica. Sexual content is fine as long as the story will stand on its own without it. Sexual scenarios must be consensual.


If you submit work to us that has been posted online in any way, shape or form, please provide us with the link to that content as well as proof that you are in fact the author. Please indicate whether you have a co-author and provide us the details of your writing relationship. Submissions must be the original writing of the person who submitted the manuscript. If we are to publish your story, all online versions must be taken down when the contract is signed.


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